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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Jill Carroll released

BOSTON - For the friends and family of kidnapped freelance reporter Jill Carroll, nearly three months of worry — heightened every time grim stories about hostages in
Iraq made the news — evaporated with a phone call Thursday morning.

"Hi, Dad. This is Jill. I'm released."

Carroll's conversation with her father tipped off calls across the country, from family to friends to colleagues.

"Today's just a wonderful day of rejoicing," said Richard Bergenheim, Carroll's editor at the Boston-based Christian Science Monitor.

From Yahoo News

Such tripe. This "freelancer" was a jihadi sympathizer. The clues are out there. Now apparently, she has a new video out praising the headchoppers and condemning our men over there. Little bitch. I hope she was given the special "female" operation so many of the women over in that part of the world receive.


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