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Saturday, March 11, 2006

This really does prove that the public school system is f*cked up beyond all recognition.

From the Washington Post:

"Superintendent Monte Moses declined to offer specifics of the investigation or its findings, but said administrators and Bennish now "have a good understanding.""

...a good understanding....

Gee, that sounds a lot like bureaucrat speak for "we asked him to make sure that np one can prove he's biased by taping his classes, and he promised to strip search the little buggers himself."

Frankly, the guy can "say" what he wants when it comes to professing his personal beliefs. It's cowardice to hide behind, "I was trying to teach them to think critically." F*ck that. I'm married to a teacher. Want to teach people to think critically? Put the facts on the table and ask for interpretations.

This guy is a tool, just like Cindy Shithead.


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