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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Murtha is Michael Moore's illegitimate father

Jack(off) Murtha still believes that there is some way to solve the Iraq issue by pulling out. Murtha, who somehow, inexplicably keeps getting reelected, seems to think that when we fight in Iraq, that we are fighting an enemy that was not present prior to March 2003. Never mind that all the signs were there that Zarqawi (or whatever the hell his name was) was in Iraq prior to the invasion. Never mind that Saddam Hussein was unprincipled enough to link up with anyone to push his agenda to dominate the Middle East.

Murtha, you fuckwad, don't you realize that we need to keep these people engaged? To keep them busy fighting us in Iraq is to keep them too busy to bankroll and promote terror over here.

Murtha, you think you're a hero. You're nothing more than a novelty. A talking asshole.


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