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Monday, November 19, 2007

So much for Little Green Footballs. It's now an echo chamber

I used to post on LGF for well over 4 years. I found the site after 9/11, and found a great number of people who were not ready to give in to PC baloney, and yet held to a (mostly) civil discourse. Then, slowly, Charles changed his blog. Was it the money that called out to him with its siren song? I don't know. I know that the blog began to get stale. Many of the posters had nothing to say, only that they professed their love an loyalty to Charles. Charles still posted plenty of relevant information, but the posters who made up the core of the blog commenters began to make Charles angry on a number of occasions because they dared to post their opinions. The opinions hadn't changed, to be certain, but the politics of the site had definitely changed. Was it "Pajamas Media" that changed it? Probably. The first (and to my knowledge) the only time I raised the ire of Charles, was when I brazenly (sarcasm) asked if a former Army sniper could be in town when Ahmadinnerjacket was in New York. Was that the cause of my banning? Heck if I know. I do know that there have been many people who have had their accounts blocked at LGF. My account was blocked for reasons unknown, except possibly because I voiced an opinion that there were too many hallelujah choir members over at LGF. Dissent from the "party line" was slowly becoming the cause for a person to fall out of favor.

Unfortunately, Charles shall reap what he has sown. His blog will weaken with all the sheep posting at his site. Too bad. It was a nice blog


Blogger 1389 said...

All you need to do to get banned on LGF is:

1)Vote "plus" on a blog post that CJ hates, or "minus" on a blog post from his cheering section

2)Post a comment on a blog that belongs to somebody CJ has banned, or to a friend of somebody CJ has banned, or to a friend of a friend of somebody CJ has banned...

3)Have any interaction with me whatsoever. Since you're already banned, I went ahead and blogrolled you. Free speech!

8:27 PM  
Blogger Passionate Conservative said...


Thanks for the blogroll!

It's sad what happened ATS, it started out nice enough, but like so many things, some evil fucker got greedy...

9:28 PM  

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