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Monday, September 22, 2008

Amazing the difference a year makes

Over on Little Green Footballs, a discussion is taking place regarding Ahmadinehad visiting the UN. Last year, around this time, when I asked if any Army sharpshooters would be in Manhattan when he visited last year, I was dressed down by Chas Johnson, and warned that I would face the ban stick (my account has been blocked, ostensibly for some other offense, Chas hasn't deemed it necessary to let me know why, and I won't email him). This year, it's a different story. Several threatening comments have been made, and nary a peep from the Little Zocialist from California.

Just in case you think I'm not being truthful:

#4 Kragar (Proud to be Kafir) 9/22/08 10:05:11 am reply quote 4

Plane mysteriously disappears from radar while over the Atlantic.

Come on, wish it with me.

#18 taxfreekiller 9/22/08 10:15:51 am reply quote 0

Yo, Akmedinnerjob,

Come on down to Texas, we will put together a BBQ .

#38 aaron 9/22/08 10:20:30 am reply quote 1

I only have a couple of questions:

1. When does his plane take off?
2. When does his plane land?
3. What is the flight path?

And finally, a comment:

It should be an accident.

Amazing. I got threatened with blocking. Nothing happens to these guys.


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