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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Student Protests in San Antonio

OK. So the Federal Government wants to get a grip on the borders of our nation. I think that's a great idea. I also don't want Big Mo's followers sneaking across the border. I also have no problem with arresting ILLEGAL immigrants and deporting them to their country of origin. I don't want to stop legal immigration. This country was founded by immigrants and was made great by immigrants and their decendants.

Which brings me to this. Students walking out of class to protest immigration reform is the most moronic way to protest a governmental policy. What does it accomplish, other than getting out of class for an unspecified amount of time? What message does it send? "Oh, we'd rather be out of class, than learn." That's it. The brats at Judson, Wagner, Clark, and other schools in San Antonio and the surrounding area should be given the most severe punishment allowed in the state for skipping class. They want to make a statement? Let 'em pay the price. Hope there were no potential valedictorians in that bunch of brats. I doubt it though. Apparently, their parents must be pretty dim bulbs too, if they don't know how to teach their kids simple values and good judgement.


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