Burn the Iran Flag!Burn the Iranian Flag!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

This filth should not be allowed to consume oxygen.

From Fox News:

NEW YORK — A New Jersey-born Muslim cleric with links to a suspected Al Qaeda operative who surfaced at a college not far from the cleric's Peoria, Ill., mosque the day before the Sept. 11 attacks has found a new home.


Frankly, it's well past time that we go after scum like this. This moon-worshipper needs to have his tongue cut out starting right below his scrotum.

Call me Kuffar, will you? I could care less about your death cult, but, I find you in my neck of the woods, no one will ever find you again. At least in one piece. Vultures will feast on your flesh, and your family won't have enough of you to bury. You will die, and no one in the West will mourn you. My British cousins are waking up to the danger that you and your filthy band are, and while they are "civilized," remember, they destroyed your kind once, they can do it again, and they have more toys to destroy you with than you could ever contemplate. Don't mistake what is happening in Iraq for what your filth will face if you push too far. You will die the death of a dishonored coward.


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