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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Most people do know the difference between "legal" and "illegall" immigrants...

Proof positive that San Antonio can host moron group gatherings (We are, after all, a great convention stop...) On Saturday, 6/23, a group converged on the Alamo City to protest the fact that the United States holds illegal immigrants and their families in a detention center in Taylor. From the San Antonio Excuse-for-News:

The rally, organized by the Southwest Workers Union and several other local advocacy groups, focused mainly on what they allege are prison-like conditions at a family residential facility in Taylor, about 35 miles northeast of Austin.

The T. Don Hutto Family Residential Facility, which opened a year ago, is the nation's largest detention center for immigrant families. The 512-bed center — detractors call it a prison, the government calls it a shelter — has been a constant target for immigrant advocates.

Interesting that this group cannot bring itself to mention that these are illegal immigrants. It boggles the mind that these pathetic pieces of shit want to completely open the borders, let anyone (including the bad guys) in and have no regard for the safety and security of Americans. Anyone this group backs in the political arena, loses my support.


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