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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

And now a word from a company you can't count on

The reason you don't hear much from me is that I'm in the middle of a rather irritating move. I'm getting the house on the hill, and I'm getting a great price on it.

Moving sucks.

I called All My Sons Moving and Storage to move some of the heavier items. They came highly recommended. They had to move only a few items, as we had moved most of everything else.

What did they have to move?
A computer desk
A disassembled bed
A buffet
A couch
A love seat
A recliner
A TV armoire
A coffee table
A dining room table (also disassembled)
Two pieces of concrete furniture

It took them 3.25 hours.
I'm feeling pretty pissed off.

Don't use All My Sons Moving


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