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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The case for evolution vs. creationism.

Much has been made lately on some blogs about the battle between creationism and evolution. There are those who believe that we evolved out of the simple random joining of amino acids early in the life of the earth. This may be. I wasn’t around then, though there is evidence to support this. There is no “evidence” to support the notion that a higher being created us. Now, before anyone gets the wrong idea and flames me, I’m not saying I don’t believe in God, I merely am stating that there is no physical evidence, direct, hard evidence that He exists. Do I believe there is a God? Yes. Do I believe literally in the interpretive story of Genesis? No. This may get me in trouble with a great number of Christians, but I believe that man, at the time the Scriptures were written, had such a limited knowledge of the earth, and a limited amount of reasoning capability, that the Scriptures reflected that limited knowledge. The earth and all that we see was not created in seven literal days, as outlined in Genesis, but over millions of years.

Someone set that in motion.

I’m no scientist, and don’t claim to be. I can say that there were many times in my HS Bio class that the teacher tried to belittle the idea that there was a God and he really pushed evolution as an exclusive idea. To illustrate his argument, he made an elaborate experiment, full of sealed (clear) tubes and liquids, amino acids and the like. Over the course of the school year, with heating and cooling of the experiment, simple life grew in the sealed tubes.

This, the Bio teacher claimed, was proof that evolution was possible. After all, life evolved out of these simple items.

I had one question.

Who assembled the tubes, inserted the water and simple amino acids?

The Bio teacher stated that he did. I then asked him, if that were the case, wouldn’t that prove that a Creator might have been involved? After all, this couldn’t have made itself.

He was stunned. He had no answer.

I’m not going to get involved in the war between evolution and creation; it makes no sense to. They both exist, and compliment each other. One cannot be in existence to the exclusion of the other.


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