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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Michael Moore Slams Palin, Then Backpedals

From Newsmax

Propaganda filmmaker Michael Moore says that Democrats should not engage in “sewer swimming” — lowering themselves to Republican levels — days after posting Sarah Palin-bashing salacious gossip on his Web site.

In a Sunday, Aug. 31 post on his Web site, Moore’s article “Show Us the DNA!” — a smear of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin — suggested that she didn’t give birth to her son Trig, but rather Sarah’s daughter Bristol gave birth to Trig, and that Sarah was covering up the birth.

The rumor surfaced after John McCain chose Palin to be his running mate, but it was relegated to the blogosphere until Moore ran with it.

However, in an interview with The Hill on Tuesday, Sept. 2 — two days later — Moore backpedaled by saying that Democrats should not stoop to the level of Republicans: “Being tough doesn’t mean swimming in their sewer.”

Moore admonished Barack Obama for not using tougher tactics with Republicans, but said that employing petty gossip like the pregnancy issue was the staple of Republicans.

“[Karl] Rove would go after that, but we don’t want to become them,” the newly enlightened Moore reported to The Hill.

Moore doesn't swim in the sewer, he drinks from it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Geez, Jabba the Hut. I never realized how ugly this guy is inside and out. I guess the saying is true, the good die young.

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