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Saturday, January 10, 2009

David Schuster, gaping hole filled with diarrhea

David Schuster gets into a little tiff with John Ziegler over Ziegler's movie about the 2008 election and how shabbily Sarah Palin was treated. Shithead...err...Schuster talks about all the Republicans who didn't back Sarah Palin because they felt she wasn't qualified to be Vice President of the United States, which is an argument for another time, but clearly, Shithead...err...Schuster feels the need to continue to belittle Palin. Wonder where he was when the Obamanation was getting qualified for the Presidency by voting "Present" in his (infrequent) visits to his job at the Capitol Building. Or when he was "community organizing." Hmmm?

Shithead...err...Schuster, you are one big fucking steaming pile of waste that the fuckwads of MSNBC shit out. I can't believe you have your own show. MSNBC must really SUCK if they have you running a show.


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