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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Want 'em out? Give back the soldier. It's that f'ing simple

From AFP via Breitbart:

The UN Security Council debated a draft resolution demanding an immediate withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza and the release of detained Palestinian officials but the United States described it as "unbalanced".

Experts from the 15-member council met behind closed doors to discuss a draft, presented by Qatar on behalf of the UN's Arab Group, which also calls on Israel, as the occupying power, to abide by its obligations under the Geneva Convention on the protection of civilians in time of war.

The UN debate took place as Israel thrust deep into the Gaza Strip in its largest and deadliest operation in months, reoccupying areas evacuated 10 months ago. Twenty Palestinians and an Israeli soldier were reported killed Thursday

The Israeli army created a buffer zone in northern Gaza as it widened its offensive against the Palestinians, upping the pressure on the embattled Hamas-led government to free a captured soldier and stop rocket attacks.

The draft demands that "Israel, the occupying power, immediately cease its aggression against the Palestinian civilian population in the occupied Palestinian territory, withdraw its forces to positions outside the Gaza Strip and release all the Palestinian officials it has detained."

Boo frickin hoo. Maybe if the Hamas-led Palestinians would stop shelling, kidnapping, and blowing themselves up, maybe Israel will stop. Frankly, even if they gave Israel back its personnel, I'd be hardly in a mood to stop. This crap needs to end. Getting rid of Hamas might just be the trick.


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