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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Mark Cuban-more or less class than Larry Flynt?

Mark Cuban is a snapshot of Dallas Sports. The teams are full of great people, but their owners have as much class as those guys in Central Park that wear overcoats-and nothing else.

Cuban stated on a radio show in Dallas that "There's not going to be one fan in (American Airlines Center) that doesn't believe that we can kick (the Spurs')butt all the way back to that ugly-ass, muddy watered thing they call a River Walk."

Now that's class. While two very evenly matched teams are battling for a chance to to to the Conference Finals, this guy opens his mouth and proves that the old adage that team owners run their team best when they keep quiet and behind the scenes.

This little crybaby, still having his little tantrum over losing his prison buddy Jason Terry for the night, tried to have one of the Spurs players, Bruce Bowen, disciplined by the league because he stepped on the foot of Jason Terry. Oh, and he had video footage. The league responded that it was an "inactionable" offense. Hey Markie, that means you look like an idiot for even bringing the matter up! Wait a minute. You don't look like an idiot. More like a little prick. A real little prick.

I'm not sure that I agree with the idea of suspending Jason Terry in the playoffs; I think it was more a "heat of the moment" type thing than maliciousness, but Cuban's acting like a little bitch. Well, maybe not acting...

Mark, we don't hate your team. You are a different story.


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