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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ashley Judd: Breathless

Via the DC Examiner

Among the millions of people who are excited by the election of President Obama is Ashley Judd, as she demonstrated at the 40th birthday luncheon for NARAL Pro-Choice America at the Hilton Washington Tuesday.

After flubbing a few lines, Judd, who emceed the event, stopped and said, “I need to take a breath. I get so excited.”

After a brief slide show featuring Bush and other anti-abortion politicians, during which the crowd booed and hissed, Judd remarked, “It’s so nice to live in America again.”

Wow. Just wow. This stunning cunt is now saying it's nice to live in America again? I'd be proud of her if she would leave this country, go live in some third world slum, and then find out if America was EVER a bad place to live. If this fucking cunt EVER showed her face near me, she'd get a face full of spit!

“It’s so nice to live in America again.”--Ashley, you ignorant slut, it's always nice to live in America. We're the numero uno nation in the whole fucking world. We kicked everyone's ass! The only wars we DON'T win are the ones we CHOOSE not to win. We have the highest standard of living, as evidenced that we even go to see your shitty little movies. You are an ACTOR. You produce nothing. We AMERICANS, on the other hand, WORK for a living, and we PRODUCE goods and services that people buy and want. What did you ever do with your life? You whine and bitch about how bad America is, but I don't see you WORKING to make it better! It's easier for you to be a harpy than to actually WORK to do something positive for America and for your fellow Americans.

Fuck off you cunt. I hope you rot in hell.


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