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Monday, February 25, 2008

Alex Gibney

Ah, yes. The fucking idiot who can't get a real job making good movies. So he goes out and makes "documentaries" that portray our Armed Forces as storm troopers right out of Star Wars.

Hey Gibney, you fucking tool! Remember just WHO the headchoppers are? Or can you guess?

It'd be nice to see you beg for your life, trying to get away from the Taliban or the Al Qaeda in Iraq folks. Bet you'd fucking LOVE the military at that point.

I'd tell you to go fuck yourself, but it's obvious you don't have the hardware necessary to accomplish your mission.

Asshole. Can't wait until your next documentary, "How I Got My Ass Kicked in Texas, and it Didn't Cost Me a Thing."

Monday, February 18, 2008

David Crosby. Living in the proverbial glass house.

From the Canadian Press:

PARK CITY, Utah - With his two bandmates and their autocratic leader gathered around a dining table, David Crosby is telling a George Bush joke.

"Don't you think it'd be a good idea," he says, chuckling, "if we had a law that said you can't have control of nuclear weapons unless you can pronounce the word nuclear? I'm just asking."

OK, David. You're such a fucking smart guy, how come you couldn't figure out how to stop taking drugs before you explode your fucking liver?

Crosby, you're a fucking idiot. Enjoy your drug addled stupidity.


I know I haven't been around in awhile, only doing commenting at specific blogs on a drive-by basis, but I have a good reason. I bought a new house and I'm now remembering all the reasons I hated buying my last house.

That being said...

I gotta unload on this whole Berkeley vs. USMC issue.

Why is the collective of Berkeley going up against the Marines?

Who is this fuckwad, Max Anderson, and why is he allowed to talk this way?
The reason why is that he lives in America and has the right to speak freely. It also means that when he uses his free speech rights, he exposes himself as the steaming pile of shit that he really is.

He and his "Code Pink" nutjobs really should just find a nice place to overdose on meth and leave the planet to those of us who are productive and contributing members of society.

I can't wait to read fuckwit's obit.

Enjoy the protest below.

One question. Why are the Code Pink assholes not charged with kidnapping. They are clearly attempting to restrain people from free movement. People have been charged with kidnapping for such an offense. Seems to me the Berzerkley Police, the collective council, and the collective attorneys are all working in concert on this one.

Someone please find a way to stop all federal funds to the collective of Berzerkely.