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Monday, June 25, 2007

Peter Mehlman is a fucking idiot

You could argue that even the world's worst fascist dictators at least meant well. They honestly thought were doing good things for their countries by suppressing blacks/eliminating Jews/eradicating free enterprise/repressing individual thought/killing off rivals/invading neighbors, etc. Only the Saudi royal family is driven by the same motives as Bush, but they were already entrenched. Bush set a new precedent. He came into office with the attitude of "I'm so tired of the public good. What about my good? What about my rich friends' good?"--fucking moron Peter Mehlman

This guy is a fucking tool. My dead ancestors fought to protect this bastard's right to make a complete fucking ass of himself. I can't figure out how this guy sleeps at night. No wait. I can figure it out. He's a fucking liberal.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Most people do know the difference between "legal" and "illegall" immigrants...

Proof positive that San Antonio can host moron group gatherings (We are, after all, a great convention stop...) On Saturday, 6/23, a group converged on the Alamo City to protest the fact that the United States holds illegal immigrants and their families in a detention center in Taylor. From the San Antonio Excuse-for-News:

The rally, organized by the Southwest Workers Union and several other local advocacy groups, focused mainly on what they allege are prison-like conditions at a family residential facility in Taylor, about 35 miles northeast of Austin.

The T. Don Hutto Family Residential Facility, which opened a year ago, is the nation's largest detention center for immigrant families. The 512-bed center — detractors call it a prison, the government calls it a shelter — has been a constant target for immigrant advocates.

Interesting that this group cannot bring itself to mention that these are illegal immigrants. It boggles the mind that these pathetic pieces of shit want to completely open the borders, let anyone (including the bad guys) in and have no regard for the safety and security of Americans. Anyone this group backs in the political arena, loses my support.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New Jimmy Carter post

From the ASSociated Press:

Carter said Hamas, besides winning a fair and democratic mandate that should have entitled it to lead the Palestinian government, had proven itself to be far more organized in its political and military showdowns with the Fatah movement of Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

Hamas fighters routed Fatah in their violent takeover of the Gaza Strip last week. The split prompted Abbas to dissolve the power-sharing government with his rivals in Hamas and set up a Fatah-led administration to govern the West Bank.

Carter said the American-Israeli-European consensus to reopen direct aid to the new government in the West Bank, but to deny the same to the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, represented an "effort to divide Palestinians into two peoples."

Gee Jimmy, did you know that the Nazis were organized too? You don't have to be evil to be organized, but evil always has a plan. Hamas is evil. I'm not saying Fatah are choirboys, but the side you're choosing just proves that you back the headchoppers.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Aren't you proud of this "most ethical Congress"*

*yes, Darth Pelosi actually said this.

Old joke, but it never fails to amuse

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Review shows illegal immigrants likely voted in Bexar County

In the San Antonio Express-News:

SAN ANOTNIO (AP)(The AP can't even spell the name San Antonio correctly?--ed) -- Federal and local authorities have launched investigations after a Bexar County elections official reported dozens of non-U.S. citizens voted in recent elections.

A report by Bexar County Elections Administrator Jacque Callanen included the names of 330 non-citizens on the voter rolls. Those named had received jury duty summonses but told the court they weren't eligible to serve because they were not U.S. citizens.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement, part of the Department of Homeland Security, requested Callanen's report in an administrative subpoena. And the Bexar County district attorney's office is investigating whether up to 41 of those non-citizens voted in more than a dozen local, state and federal elections since 2001.

"You bet your bottom dollar we'll prosecute ... if we find people voted illegally in violation of the state election code," Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed said.

The 330 names have since been removed from voter rolls, Callanen said.

Investigators with ICE are trying to locate and interview those named. ICE is looking into false citizenship claims, said agency spokeswoman Nina Pruneda.

Federal authorities also requested similar voter data from election officials in Harris, Tarrant and El Paso counties, Callanen said. But Pruneda, the ICE spokeswoman, declined to discuss the scope of the federal inquiry.

It wasn't immediately apparent if the questionable voting influenced the outcome of an election, Callanen said.

Read the whole thing...

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

OK, it's dated, but what the hell...

I'm not gay (not that there's anything wrong with that...), but I found this just too damn funny!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Murtha is Michael Moore's illegitimate father

Jack(off) Murtha still believes that there is some way to solve the Iraq issue by pulling out. Murtha, who somehow, inexplicably keeps getting reelected, seems to think that when we fight in Iraq, that we are fighting an enemy that was not present prior to March 2003. Never mind that all the signs were there that Zarqawi (or whatever the hell his name was) was in Iraq prior to the invasion. Never mind that Saddam Hussein was unprincipled enough to link up with anyone to push his agenda to dominate the Middle East.

Murtha, you fuckwad, don't you realize that we need to keep these people engaged? To keep them busy fighting us in Iraq is to keep them too busy to bankroll and promote terror over here.

Murtha, you think you're a hero. You're nothing more than a novelty. A talking asshole.