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Monday, March 31, 2008

Obama. Worst.Candidate.Ever

If you Democrats nominate this guy, you deserve to implode. Be sure to note the part where he's talking about gutting the military. Pay real close attention to that. He wants to cut deeper than the Clenis did during the '90's. And we know what that got us.

And she wants to let the government run your health care.

Among the debts reported this month by Hillary Rodham Clinton’s struggling presidential campaign, the $292,000 in unpaid health insurance premiums for her campaign staff stands out.

Clinton, who is being pressured to end her campaign against Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination, has made her plan for universal health care a centerpiece of her agenda.

The campaign provides health insurance to all its employees, their spouses, partners and children — and that wasn’t interrupted by any lag in payments to insurance providers, said Jay Carson, a Clinton campaign spokesman.

Here's the link from Politico.com

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Geert Wilders New Flick

Not much new here, but it serves as a reminder.

Update: Guess Liveleak couldn't take the heat from the ROP.

Update Zwei: Here's one from Google...of all places, right?

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Jerry Stackhouse-thug

This ain't the first time this schmuck does the dirty deed.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Holy cow!

And now a word from a company you can't count on

The reason you don't hear much from me is that I'm in the middle of a rather irritating move. I'm getting the house on the hill, and I'm getting a great price on it.

Moving sucks.

I called All My Sons Moving and Storage to move some of the heavier items. They came highly recommended. They had to move only a few items, as we had moved most of everything else.

What did they have to move?
A computer desk
A disassembled bed
A buffet
A couch
A love seat
A recliner
A TV armoire
A coffee table
A dining room table (also disassembled)
Two pieces of concrete furniture

It took them 3.25 hours.
I'm feeling pretty pissed off.

Don't use All My Sons Moving