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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Jill Carroll released

BOSTON - For the friends and family of kidnapped freelance reporter Jill Carroll, nearly three months of worry — heightened every time grim stories about hostages in
Iraq made the news — evaporated with a phone call Thursday morning.

"Hi, Dad. This is Jill. I'm released."

Carroll's conversation with her father tipped off calls across the country, from family to friends to colleagues.

"Today's just a wonderful day of rejoicing," said Richard Bergenheim, Carroll's editor at the Boston-based Christian Science Monitor.

From Yahoo News

Such tripe. This "freelancer" was a jihadi sympathizer. The clues are out there. Now apparently, she has a new video out praising the headchoppers and condemning our men over there. Little bitch. I hope she was given the special "female" operation so many of the women over in that part of the world receive.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What can I say? I've been under the weather

But not enough to not comment on moronic children who skip class to support illegal immigration. Where are their damn parents? If this was my kid, there'd be a big stick in his future.

Idiots! It ain't immigration that we're against, it's illegal immigration! What fools. We admire immigrants. At one time we all were immigrants or decended from immigrants. All of us. Even "native" Americans came from Asia.

Immigration needs to be orderly. Especially in this post 9/11 world. Pay attention, morons!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Idiots who are rescued shall not be grateful

CPT Statement: CPTers Freed

23 March 2006

Our hearts are filled with joy today as we heard that Harmeet Singh Sooden, Jim Loney and Norman Kember have been freed safely in Baghdad. Christian Peacemaker Teams rejoices with their families and friends at the expectation of their return to their loved ones and community. Together we have endured uncertainty, hope, fear, grief and now joy during the four months since they were abducted in Baghdad.

We rejoice in the return of Harmeet Sooden. He has been willing to put his life on the line to promote justice in Iraq and Palestine as a young man newly committed to active peacemaking.

We rejoice in the return of Jim Loney. He has cared for the marginalized and oppressed since childhood, and his gentle, passionate spirit has been an inspiration to people near and far.

We rejoice in the return of Norman Kember. He is a faithful man, an elder and mentor to many in his 50 years of peacemaking, a man prepared to pay the cost.

We remember with tears Tom Fox, whose body was found in Baghdad on March 9, 2006, after three months of captivity with his fellow peacemakers. We had longed for the day when all four men would be released together. Our gladness today is made bittersweet by the fact that Tom is not alive to join in the celebration. However, we are confident that his spirit is very much present in each reunion.

Harmeet, Jim and Norman and Tom were in Iraq to learn of the struggles facing the people in that country. They went, motivated by a passion for justice and peace to live out a nonviolent alternative in a nation wracked by armed conflict. They knew that their only protection was in the power of the love of God and of their Iraqi and international co-workers. We believe that the illegal occupation of Iraq by Multinational Forces is the root cause of the insecurity which led to this kidnapping and so much pain and suffering in Iraq. The occupation must end.

No, you moron. They were kidnapped because they were willing to be kidnapped. Your organization is in collusion with the terrorists, and your organization sacrificed Tom Fox. Your followers weren't even gracious enough to make public their thanks to the US and UK military that freed them.

I got a great idea. Send your whole organization over there. Let's see just how far your "Peace" policy gets you. Next time, don't expect to be saved by the good guys. As far as I'm concerned, you can all rot in hell.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Skeerd by a wittle dog?

From Yahoo News:

FORT MEADE, Md. - An Army dog handler was sentenced Wednesday to six months behind bars for using his snarling canine to torment prisoners at
Abu Ghraib.

The military jury handed down the sentence a day after convicting Sgt. Michael J. Smith, 24, of Fort Lauderdale, Fla. He could have gotten 8 1/2 years in prison.

Smith was sentenced on five charges, including maltreatment of prisoners, conspiring with another dog handler in a contest to try to frighten detainees at the Iraqi prison into soiling themselves, and directing his dog to lick peanut butter off other soldiers' bodies.

Smith was also demoted to private and will receive a bad-conduct discharge after getting out of prison.

This is so f*cking stupid. Jail a man for scaring a killer? You gotta be kidding me! Why is the military there? To coddle these f*ckers?

"Shoot to Kill"

I go on a short vacation, and then get sicker than a dog.


On the other hand, KS government has the right idea:

from Yahoo News

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius signed a bill on Wednesday authorizing security guards to shoot to kill to protect the state's lone nuclear power plant.

"There's no doubt that nuclear facilities are a potential target for terrorists," said Sebelius in a press statement. "Kansas has one nuclear plant, Wolf Creek, and we must make sure it's properly protected. Allowing guards to use deadly force in certain circumstances increases the security of the plant, and of our state," said Sebelius.

Well, duh...I'd kill terrorists too...

Friday, March 17, 2006

Gone fishin'

No, not really. Im taking my kids camping. Be back on Monday.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Dogs at Abu Ghraib? Oh, the Horror!

From Yahoo News

FORT MEADE, Md. - The Army officer who directly oversaw security at
Abu Ghraib prison testified Thursday at a dog handler's court-martial that there was nothing inhumane about having a dog bark at detainees.

Maj. David DiNenna said unmuzzled dogs helped maintain order at the prison.

Well, duh. Dogs are used cause they help keep prisoners in line. I could give a sh*t if they are "offensive" to the detainees.

World Bank warns of dire outlook for Palestinian economy

From Yahoo News

WASHINGTON (AFP) - The Palestinian economy risks implosion from an Israeli crackdown and threatened cuts in foreign aid following the election victory of hardline group Hamas, the World Bank said.

In the worst-case scenario, it said in a report for donor countries, unemployment among Palestinians will jump to about 40 percent this year and the percentage of those living below the poverty line will rise to 67.

Awwww....wittle terrorists can't get money to go boom?

They voted Hamas in, they can now reap what they have sown.
Of course, I noticed that the MSM can't resist getting a jab in at the Israelis. An Israeli crackdown? Judas Priest, you media morons don't have the slightest clue. Israel is fighting to survive with enemies on all sides. They just are trying to keep the terrorists out. Maybe if someone held the Palestinians responsible for their countrymen's actions, maybe the area could see peace, or at least an absence of hostilities.

In the meantime....Israel plays whack a pali.

"Operation Swarmer"

from Yahoo News

BAGHDAD, Iraq - U.S. forces, joined by Iraqi troops, on Thursday launched the largest air assault since the U.S.-led invasion in 2003, targeting insurgent strongholds north of the capital, the military said.

Great! Take these bastards out. I don't like the use of the term "insurgents" though. These are terrorists, plain and simple.

Israelis raided a Pali "prison" to seize terrorists. Now that's COOL!
From Yahoo News

Monday, March 13, 2006

You ain't gonna believe this...

from The Smoking Gun Website

If you've ever been any kind of fan of New Age Music, then you know Yanni...who woulda thought he was a wifebeater type? Read this bit from the website:

"New Age musician Yanni was arrested in March 2006 by Florida cops and charged with domestic abuse after allegedly tussling with his live-in girlfriend. The 51-year-old pianist (given name: John Yanni Christopher), allegedly struck the woman after ordering her to move out of his waterfront mansion."


Ya gotta be fookin' kiddin'


NEW HAVEN -- As a former ambassador for the Taliban, Rahmatullah Hashemi was a spokesman for a hated regime.

He's now a freshman at Yale University and depending on your politics, he is either a symbol of what Yale is doing right, in trying to build bridges to the Muslim world, or he's proof that the nation's elite universities have taken diversity too far. Read it all, you won't believe it!

So what I'm wondering is, if he happens to get run down by a Christian student driving an SUV, will the University take one minute or 3 minutes to call it "terrorism?"

Yale apparently isn't interested in being a University in America anymore. How much in Federal Funds to the idiots receive?

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Boy, your daddy wasted his his money screwin' your momma.

David Baldinger, an alleged cartoonist, has an interesting take on the freedoms here in the United States. Of course, the United States Secret Police has teken him into custody. Oh, wait a minute...you mean he's not in jail for criticising the government? He isn't being harassed by the government?

Guess his opinion of our freedoms is also FUBAR. What a moron.

An even BETTER Picture!

Jay "Moron" Bennish(it). He wants to look tougher by shaving his head, I guess.

This really does prove that the public school system is f*cked up beyond all recognition.

From the Washington Post:

"Superintendent Monte Moses declined to offer specifics of the investigation or its findings, but said administrators and Bennish now "have a good understanding.""

...a good understanding....

Gee, that sounds a lot like bureaucrat speak for "we asked him to make sure that np one can prove he's biased by taping his classes, and he promised to strip search the little buggers himself."

Frankly, the guy can "say" what he wants when it comes to professing his personal beliefs. It's cowardice to hide behind, "I was trying to teach them to think critically." F*ck that. I'm married to a teacher. Want to teach people to think critically? Put the facts on the table and ask for interpretations.

This guy is a tool, just like Cindy Shithead.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

From UPI.com

Catholic leader: Help illegal aliens

LOS ANGELES, March 1 (UPI) -- Los Angeles' archbishop has called on the country's Catholics to mark the Lenten season by speaking out against current immigration reform plans.

Cardinal Roger M. Mahoney of the Los Angeles Archdiocese -- the largest in the United States -- called anti-immigration sentiment in the country "hysterical" in an interview with the Los Angeles Times.

He criticized various anti-immigration groups and the current legislation in Congress that he calls inhumane.

Passed by the House and being debated in the Senate, the two immigration bills propose sanctions on religious and social organizations who give charity to illegal immigrants.

Mahoney called on priests to ignore the law if passed.

OK. I'm Catholic, and I generally support the Church, but this fool is off his rocker. The Catholic Church in the US has enough problems with a number of issues, but they choose to ignore their own shortcomings, and concentrate on something that is none of their damn business.

If this is the way the Catholic Church wants to go down in flames, so be it. Buncha freakin' wankers.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Killing in the name of a Peaceful god

From Ireland Online

Man 'ran down students to avenge Muslim deaths'
06/03/2006 - 19:44:49

A US graduate from Iran, accused of running down nine people on campus to avenge the treatment of Muslims, said at a hearing today that he was “thankful for the opportunity to spread the will of Allah".

At about the same time, University of North Carolina students held what they called an “anti-terrorism” rally on the Chapel Hill campus.

Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar, 22, is accused of driving a sport utility vehicle through The Pit, a popular campus gathering spot, injuring nine people last Friday. None of the victims was seriously hurt.

Read it all here.

You gotta admit, that Allah is one peaceful dude, letting people kill in his name...

Thanks for the heads up, St Pancake!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Military v. the twerps

How many lawyers can the military recruit? I don't know, but we're about to find out. The morons of Forum for Academic and Institutional Rights don't want the military to recruit on their law school and University campuses, all because of the stance the government took on gays in the military. The United States Supreme Court (as expected) told the idiots at Forum for Academic and Institutional Rights basically to bugger off. I never did understand the need to ban gays from the military. Frankly, one would think that if a gay man joined the military, he would fight just as well as a heterosexual. But the law schools need federal funding, to the tune of at least $35 million tax dollars a year. The Supremes decided, unanimously I might add, that these idiots cannot ban the recruiters and keep their money.

Good on ya, Supremes!

Remember the Alamo

March 6, 1836. The fall of the Alamo. My family wouldn't get to Texas for 12 more years. We weren't there. We still remember.

Rest well, heroes. We continue your fight.

(Yeah, I know this isn't what the Alamo looks like today, but it's still a cool idea of what it looked like 170 years ago)

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Simply stunned

The Rachel Corrie Pancake Breakfast. I'm not kidding.

From what I can tell, the Victoria Indymedia is putting on a (snicker) pancake breakfast in memorial to a dumb airhead who became a pancake for Allah.

Thank you, Charles at Little Green Footballs. I nearly wasted four good ounces of beer when I read this...

That's gonna leave a mark!

More from Reuters

Must be Mrs. Pinhead

Flying Pig moment

From Reuters *spit*

Shit. At least SOME people in the Middle East are getting it.

The face of stupidity

Gaze upon stupidity. Not that I'm gonna watch the leftwing movie award festival, but I truly hope this bastard doesn't win a single nekkid gold man trophy.

Sure, he has the right to express his views. I have the right to think he's a steaming, stinky pile of shit.

Update: Yeah, I know I put the same title for my previous post. Fits, don't you think?

Saturday, March 04, 2006

The face of stupidity

From the Clinton News Network
AURORA, Colorado (AP) -- About 150 high school students walked out of class to protest a decision to put a teacher on leave while administrators investigate remarks he made about President Bush in class, including that some people compare Bush to Adolf Hitler...

Time to step up! If school districts can force the religion issue on their teachers, they ought to be able to force this one, right?

I have a problem when governmental agencies try to stifle free speech in the citizenry. However, does a person on state payroll have the right to (during business hours) express these kind of views? Or any kind of views?

Regardless of the outcome of this situation, this guy is a total moron. Did he think that none of the kids' parents would object to this?

He defends himself by saying he was just getting the kids to think. Dork, it's a fucking GEOGRAPHY class! Ya know? Capitals, characteristics, notable landmarks. Not Bush is Hitler. What a tool.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Dorks Gone Wild

Yes. I do believe in free speech. I also believe that these people are in dire need of an education.

Hey, judge Rebecca Beach Smith! Why don't you try to restrict this religious speech in a public place? I know why. You're afraid of getting the Highlander treatment.
From Fox News

RICHMOND, Va. — A Virginia school district didn't violate a teacher's free-speech rights by removing Christian-themed postings from his classroom walls, a federal judge has ruled.

In her ruling filed last week, U.S. District Judge Rebecca Beach Smith said William Lee's posters at Tabb High School were part of his instructional tools and school curriculum and were subject to school review.

Lee, a Spanish teacher who advises the school's Christian students club, had displayed news articles about President Bush's religious faith, a National Day of Prayer flier and a depiction of George Washington praying at Valley Forge.

Officials removed the postings from Lee's classroom in 2004 after a parent complained, but they allowed some to stay, including a photo of Boy Scouts praying in memory of those killed in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

Lee argued that his bulletin boards at the school in Yorktown, about 65 miles southeast of Richmond, were a limited public forum open for teachers' private expression and speech.

Smith disagreed, saying the case "is not about what free-speech rights Lee has as an individual expressing himself on private property. Rather, this case is a question about what free-speech rights Lee has as a public school teacher-employee."

Read the whole thing,

This is unbelievable. You don't have free speech rights on public property? Guess we should arrest the smelly mob that shows up on public university grounds like UC-Irvine to protest Big Mo' cartoons.

Hey, judge! You are a fucking idiot. You ought to sue your law school for fraud, cause you don't know shit about the law.

I don't care if the teacher was posting religious stuff or not. He has the right to free speech, on public property or his own property. Whether it was religious or not is beside the issue.