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Saturday, June 06, 2009

Reagan at Normandy

Commemorating the beginning of the end for the Nazis.

Thank you, to the greatest generation. One day, a new generation will arise to succeed you.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Abortionist shooting and conservatives

Gathering my thoughts here for a second...

This abortionist killing...horrible. I can't understand though, why it is that there are those (I'm looking at you, Charles Johnson of Liberal Gassy Footballs) who think that because someone is diseased enough to believe in killing abortionists, that they are conservative or that they are welcome in the conservative fold. Conservatives don't want to kill those that commit the abortion. True, we don't want abortion to take place, but the answer is NOT killing the abortionist. To kill the abortionist is to bring us to their level. Conservatives don't do that.

I am anti-abortion. I detest the taking of a life that is innocent. While we may not believe that this abortionist was doing the MORALLY correct thing, it is NOT up to us as conservatives to act as vigilantes and certainly not when the LAW is not being violated.

That fucking moron over at LGF seems to think that conservatives are all just sitting around with our semi-automatics waiting for the collapse of society, so we can shoot our way out of trouble. Of course, that is the moronic liberal thought pattern. Conservatives don't wish for trouble, but are prepared for it nevertheless. Liberals see trouble, and they run and hide. They don't want to talk about it, and if they have to confront it, they ALWAYS react in an over the top manner.

Examples? Sure: We were isolationist for years before WWII. If we had given some pushback to Herr Hitler, the carnage may never have taken place. But our fabulously liberal FDR hid for years, then destroyed Europe to get rid of the Nazis. Lyndon Johnson, did he REALLY need to go all in on Vietnam? Barack O'fuckingBama, did he REALLY need to spend THAT MUCH MONEY?

I'll agree the waste-oid who killed the abortionist was anti-abortion. He was also no conservative.