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Friday, November 23, 2007

A Lack of Apron Area Will Compel Delegations Attending the UN Climate Change Conference to Park their Planes Outside of Bali.

From Bali News

(11/3/2007) Tempo Interaktif reports that Angkasa Pura - the management of Bali's Ngurah Rai International Airport are concerned that the large number of additional private charter flights expected in Bali during the UN Conference on Climate Change (UNFCCC) December 3-15, 2007, will exceed the carrying capacity of apron areas. To meet the added demand for aircraft storage officials are allocating "parking space" at other airports in Indonesia.

This is a joke, right?


Unfuckingbelievable. I wonder if they're serving irony for the dinner at this conference?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The closest Sean Penn will ever get to an Oscar

Best part of him got stopped by a condom.

Monday, November 19, 2007

So much for Little Green Footballs. It's now an echo chamber

I used to post on LGF for well over 4 years. I found the site after 9/11, and found a great number of people who were not ready to give in to PC baloney, and yet held to a (mostly) civil discourse. Then, slowly, Charles changed his blog. Was it the money that called out to him with its siren song? I don't know. I know that the blog began to get stale. Many of the posters had nothing to say, only that they professed their love an loyalty to Charles. Charles still posted plenty of relevant information, but the posters who made up the core of the blog commenters began to make Charles angry on a number of occasions because they dared to post their opinions. The opinions hadn't changed, to be certain, but the politics of the site had definitely changed. Was it "Pajamas Media" that changed it? Probably. The first (and to my knowledge) the only time I raised the ire of Charles, was when I brazenly (sarcasm) asked if a former Army sniper could be in town when Ahmadinnerjacket was in New York. Was that the cause of my banning? Heck if I know. I do know that there have been many people who have had their accounts blocked at LGF. My account was blocked for reasons unknown, except possibly because I voiced an opinion that there were too many hallelujah choir members over at LGF. Dissent from the "party line" was slowly becoming the cause for a person to fall out of favor.

Unfortunately, Charles shall reap what he has sown. His blog will weaken with all the sheep posting at his site. Too bad. It was a nice blog

Friday, November 09, 2007

Chris Dodd, Fuckwit Extraordinaire!

Yes, the moron actually said this in a diatribe on the HoPuff

With the law following our flag, we threw down tyrants and oppressors for two centuries; we rid the world of Nazism and Soviet communism; we proved that great strength can serve great virtue.

Yeah, right. Unlike your sheeplike supporters, I remember how hard you fought during the Cold War---to help the Soviets grow in Central America. Dodd, you're a fuckwit.

But wait! There's more!

Consider the trial of Zaccarias Moussaoui. Lt. Cmdr. Swift is especially convincing on this point. President Bush's enablers, he writes, have "cited the prosecution of Zaccarias Moussaoui as an example of why the federal justice system does not work."

Lt. Cmdr. Swift writes, "I completely disagree. In fact, Moussaoui is the perfect victory. Our system is shown to be fair. The court...struck a balance that protects both our values and our security. We didn't lose anything. Moussaoui ultimately showed himself to be a fool--deranged, a joke, hardly someone that we'd think of as a great Middle East martyr. Ultimately he's imprisoned in a place where his name will be forgotten forever. How is that not a great victory?"

Compare that case to the case of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who organized the attacks of 9/11. He was held in a secret prison, where he claims he was tortured severely. Whether he is lying or not, by our actions we have allowed Khalid Mohammed to claim the moral high ground. Khalid Mohammed plays martyr to a world that is inclined to believe it.

Moussaoui is the perfect victory? No, fuckwit Dodd. Moussaoui's head on a pike on display at the U.S Embassy in Saudi Arabia would be the perfect victory. And KSM can claim the moral high ground? Shit, motherfucker, if he had half a chance, he'd saw your head off with a rusty knife, and you talk about the high ground. Dumbass, it ain't always about the moral high ground, you dimwitted Peace Corps waste of good flesh.


Monday, November 05, 2007

Guess Charles Johnson doesn't believe in freedom

Cause he blocked my account to Little Green Footballs. I can only surmise he didn't like the fact that I posted (not critical of him) at other blogs or he didn't like the fact that I thought he had an ass-kissing chorus.

I miss the old LGF, and hope another takes the place of the one that exists there now. Cause right now, it just sucks.

Fuck all. I speak my mind. Sometimes people don't like it.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide

See the pretty sheep.